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Dec 2018


This web site is the result of my increasing family history data and an urge to share it with other Suddell's around the world.  It is not exhaustive and far from complete but is a live project that is updated when I have something relevant to add.  If you would like to make a relevant contribution then please contact me through this web site or join the Forum and we can all discuss it.

I am particularly interested in obtaining family photo's, especially of ancestors, my family line does not appear to be the one that has the family album!  So if you have any and are prepared to share them please email them to me and I'll put them on the site.

I also include a line of the Sudell family on this site.  When I started my family history research in anger I was convinced that the name Suddell derived from Sudell.  This was based upon several pieces of evidence.

1) There are currently more people with the name Sudell than Suddell &

2) There appear to be no Suddell's in the 1841 & 1851 census', slowly increasing from 1861 onwards.

To date I'm no longer so certain.  Current census investigation has the name in 1841 & 1851 as Sudle and it suddenly leaps to Suddell in 1861, hops around between Sudell and Suddell for several years before ending up at Suddell.  The quest goes on!

In the compilation of all this data several resources have been accessed both official and family related and they should be acknowledged.  If I have failed to do so then I offer unreserved apologies.

Best regards.

Stephen Suddell

Last updated:  Dec 2018, removed Forum due to too much spam.