Sudell Tree Data



Data on this page is additional to the Sudell Tree.  This data is either too fragmented to place into a tree or reveals further insight into the Sudell Tree.

The following extract is from 'A History of Blackburn Town & Parish'

by W. A. Abram:

"The Sudell family, that in its later members held an eminent position in the commerce of Blackburn, as well as among the landed families of the parish, can be traced in connexion with Blackburn for longer than three centuries. John Sudley, a tenant of Chantry lands at Ousebooth in Blackburn in 1548, was an early member of the family.  William Sudell, living at Blackburn temp.  Elizabeth, had a son William bapt. Sep. 13th 1601.  James Sudell, of Blackburn, who died in 1629, had sons, John born 1603 and William, died Sept., 1608.

John Sudell of Ousebooth, who died Oct., 1622, had sons, William, born in 1602, and James, born in 1604.  The Wife of John Sudell was buried in April, 1632.

A later John Sudell of Ousebooth, who died before 1670 refers in his will to his wife Margaret, and nephews Thomas and Ralph.

William Sudell, of Blackburn, had a son John, born 1631. 'Uxor William Sudell' was buried Oct. 15th 1633.  William Sudell, of Blackburn, was buried July 25th, 1664.

The relation of the above persons to each other is obscure. . . "